Talwandi Sabo Power Limited (TSPL) is implementing a state of the art coal based supercritical thermal power plant in District Mansa, Punjab, India. This will be the first Supercritical unit and one of the largest Greenfield power project in the State of Punjab. Power generated from this project shall be supplied to the Punjab State Electricity Board.

TSPL will use energy efficient and cleaner supercritical technology for the electricity generation. Super-critical technology utilizes steam at temperature above the critical point of water. The technology generates same amount of electricity using less coal. The project activity will thus reduce consumption of fossil fuel (coal) as compared to the conventional sub critical technology thus making it an environmental friendly and cost efficient technology.

The proposed project activity will involve setting up super-critical coal fired power generation units. The steam parameters involved are:

Parameter Value
Superheater outlet steam pressure (MPa) 25.4
Superheater outlet steam temperature (*C) 571
Superheater outlet steam flow (tph) 2140
Re-heater outlet steam temperature (*C) 569
Feedwater inlet temperature to economizer (*C) 293.4

The efficient technology will contribute a significant reduction of GHG emissions. In this pursuit, TSPL has chosen world class equipments and business partners having proven track record in the fields of Design & Engineering, Quality, Safety and Project Execution.

The State of Punjab has been consistently facing peak power shortages during summer, in the last 3 years. The total current installed capacity of Punjab is around 6,973 MW, against peak demand of around 10,435 MW (CEA Monthly report Nov 2010). The demand is expected to increase to 11,000MW by 2012(17th Electric Power Survey). The successful implementation of the project shall bridge the power demand and supply gap.

The increased economic activity due to this project shall also generate thousands of direct and indirect employment in the State of Punjab. The success of the project will bolster government initiatives of Public Private Partnership model in key areas of Industrial Development.