Children are our most valuable and fragile resource for the future. They must be ably educated and guided to be nurtured as responsible citizens. Quality and affordable education is the fundamental right conferred to all Indian citizens by the Government of India. TSPL is making constant efforts in increasing the interest of children in studies by improving the learning-teaching environment.

School Up-gradation

From 2014 to 2017, TSPL developing model schools by improving basic amenities and infrastructure in the peripheral schools to meet the education requirements of students. Thirteen schools have been painted with exciting and vibrant learning displays of children’s curriculum- BALA and achievements along with provision of furniture for the students, provision of projector, swings, sports equipment, development of playgrounds etc. The parents and guardians enthusiastically came forward to volunteer for cleaning of the school premises.
At the same time, quality washroom facilities are being ensured by TSPL in the government schools of our core villages.