TSPL is striving to support and generate sustainable livelihood opportunities by engaging local communities in farm and non-farm sector. The underlying objective is to sustainably augment family income of the poor households by building their capacities in sustainable livelihood options.

Employment Enhancing Vocational Skill Training

To equip the local educated women with employment enhancement skills, TSPL organized a two month short term basic course in cosmetology. Beauty kits were also provided after completion of the training to start their own business.

Way Forward

Sustainable farming Proactive initiatives will be taken up to increase livelihood opportunities and sustainable income through improved and sustainable agricultural practices with small and medium scale farmers. Technical assistance of expert NGOs will be taken up to implement this project to bring improvement in the deteriorating soil and water quality of Mansa. Backward and forward linkages will be provided by forming farmer institutions. Engagement of women will be ensured through livestock rearing

Coaching and Guidance Center for Youths

An employment exam preparation center that aims at training and preparing youths for government employment exams will be launched in collaboration with district administration. Eligible youths shall be provided guidance and coaching by experienced faculty while experts shall be invited to the center for delivering motivational and guest lectures.