Project Navi Disha
Promoting Sustainable Agriculture

TSPL is striving to support and generate sustainable livelihood opportunities by engaging local communities in the farm sector. The underlying objective is to sustainably augment family income of the households in the periphery villages by building their capacities in sustainable livelihood options. Fostering sustainable agriculture is crucial for the planet’s long-term health and its inhabitants’ well-being. TSPL’s Navi Disha Project is committed to promoting economically viable & environmentally sustainable techniques, propelling sustainable agricultural practices edifying over ~2500 farmers. This initiative is a testament to how education (via intensive awareness camps, trainings of chemical reduction & integrated pest management, etc), supply of necessary resources/raw materials (multi-crop bed planters, Trichoderma, bio-culture kits, etc), & effective guidance can help equip the community to build a greener tomorrow.

A jaggery processing unit was established that aims to link farmers with progressive, sustainable methods to generate income and improve the farming scenario. Regular animal health camps are organized providing free diagnosis & medicines for Kisan’s livestock. Provision of valuable agricultural resources like multi crop bed planter eases farming while also saving millions of litres of water. Educational sessions are regularly conducted on various topics like model farms, integrated pest management, soil & water quality, & paddy straw management, effectively preventing stubble burning on thousands of acres of land.