Health and Sanitation

To promote health and well-being of the communities around our operations TSPL has implemented several healthcare projects. We have delivered medical facilities through mobile camps to give isolated rural communities access to medical services. We have programs to support access to potable water and increase awareness among masses regarding importance of sanitation, providing practical assistance in developing related infrastructure, such as toilets and other healthcare facilities in collaboration with our partners.

Medical Health Camps and Cataract Operations

To provide quality health services at doorstep TSPL has conducted general, specialized and mega medical camps in its adjoining villages and schools. People have been provided with immediate checkup and free diagnosis facilities along with disbursement of medicines. People detected with cataract were provided referral services for low cost operations. These were conducted in assistance with the district administration, NGO partners and specialized private hospitals.

Blood Donation Camps

Organized blood donation camps in association with civil hospital, rural youth clubs and NGO partners. Blood donation camps have also been organized within plant premises to promote the spirit of voluntary blood donation among our direct and contractual employees.

Malaria and Dengue Control Drives

To control the spread of water borne diseases of malaria and dengue in the peripheral villages and labour colonies occupied by our contractual man power we have conducted drives of malathion spray in association with National Vector Borne Disease Control Department of Mansa. District administration was handed over a fumigation machine to counter malaria and dengue in the urban Mansa

Anti-Drug Awareness Campaign

Drug abuse is a big menace prevailing in the prosperous areas of Punjab, Mansa is no exception. TSPL initiated the series of this campaign in association with the district police department, district drug de-addiction center and local NGO’s to spread awareness among the population at large via roadshows, nukkad natak and addresses by experts. People were made aware of the ill effects of drugs and its relation to the vicious circle of poverty and poor health.

Drinking Water Purification Project

The ground water of Mansa is geogenically contaminated and contains high levels of TDS which has triggered several ailments among the villagers. The Government of Punjab has installed community R.O. purifiers in villages, however the schools could not avail benefits of these facilities due to shortage of funds. TSPL intervened and installed R.O. purifiers in its peripheral schools. On the other hand the gram panchayats and schools provided water coolers and other supporting equipment’s required for the R.O. system. Assistance has also been extended for repair of water structures to ensure the continual supply of potable water in villages.

Adolescent Health Education Program

Ek Pehal addressed the growing up issues of school going adolescent girls through life skills and sought behavior change towards menstrual hygiene management. The project was implemented on the model of Peer Education. Regular interactive awareness sessions were conducted in the schools by peers under the supervision of a counsellor, sanitary napkin vending machines along with sanitary napkin incinerators have also been installed in the schools to aid behavior change among the targeted beneficiaries. Sanitary napkins are available to the students at a nominal cost within the school premises.

Way Forward

To transform the health scenario of our rural communities in a sustainable manner TSPL recognizes its responsibility to extend assistance to the government health delivery system for developing quality, effective and responsive primary health care. We shall be implementing the projects of up grading rural health centers and menstrual health management over a period of three years to address the health concerns of our people.

Up Gradation of Rural Healthcare Centers

TSPL intends to cater to this by supporting the existing government run rural health care centers with well-equipped and professionally manned labs and testing facilities to provide these services at a nominal cost to the people which is presently not available in the villages. We will also organize awareness generation activities in villages to evolve and increase the level of awareness about government health schemes and community health issues.

Menstrual Health Management Project

With the purpose of breaking the social stigma and silence built up around menstruation TSPL will be extending its Ek Pehal project in peripheral forty three villages and their respective schools through social depot holders. It is believed that the concept of social marketing of sanitary napkins will augment the family income of the social depot holders and promote best practices regarding menstrual health management.